Harry Potter Projects

Below you will find the different options for your project choice (choose one).

Option 1:  Choose one Full Size project from GROUP A

Option 2:  Choose one mid size project from GROUP B and one express from GROUP C

Option 3:  Choose three express projects from GROUP C

Option 4:  Choose any regular Full Size project from our project gallery on our website if you do not want to do a Harry Potter Project.

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your project selections.  If you registered for more than one seat please fill out a separate form for each person.

You also have the option to add on additional express project from group C to complete in class OR to take as a ToGo project at a discounted price of $15.  After you fill out the project selection form you can check out using the shop item at the bottom of the page if you'd like to add on any projects!

Group A Projects- Full Size

Group B Projects- Mid Size

Group C Projects- Express Projects

Purchase your add on Harry Potter projects here!  You may complete them in the workshop or take ToGo.