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Disney Inspired Projects


Below you will find the different options for your project choice (choose one).

Option 1:  Choose TWO projects from GROUP A and ONE project from GROUP B

Option 2:  Choose ONE project from GROUP C and ONE project from GROUP A or B

Option 3:  Choose ONE Full Size project from GROUP D

Option 4:  Choose any full size project from our Project Gallery (not a Disney project)

Please respond to the email with your Option Choice, and which projects you would like.

If you have more than one seat under your name list each name and project choices.

Group A Projects
You may choose 2 Group A Projects and 1 Group B Project.  Each board is a separate Group A project.  

Group B Projects
Fun sized Approx. 8" x 8"

Group C Projects
If choosing a group C project you may also choose a project from group A or B

Group D Projects
You can choose 1 Group C Full Size Project.